Phakwe Consulting services focuses on our client’s critical issues and opportunities, we provide deep nurturing experience and functional expertise. We are also known for our Eagle view perspective as we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

Our services includes

  • Advisory
  • Performance Improvement Organization
  • Corporate Renewal
  • Private Equity
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate finance

Phakwe Investment seeks to achieve above average returns for its shareholders by investing in wealth creating businesses and entering into strategic alliances to which it contributes capital, innovative ideas, management expertise, sustainable growth and a value driven corporate identity.

Phakwe Investment is well capitalised, has access to further capital and has the team and experience to pursue value creating transactions. Phakwe Investment will maintain its long-term view on its underlying investments and will continue to focus on value crating assets.

Phakwe Power operates in the renewable energy space with the focus on providing Wind power, hydroelectricity and Solar heating services which are derived from the use of technology and specialist knowledge.

Phakwe Power works with landowners, project developers, technology providers, regulators and investors to source and develop projects. Our business acts as the project interface, coordinating the research and development, the site identification, the project structure, environmental impact assessments, selecting the strategic partners arranging financing, bidding under the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP) and financially closing successful projects.

Our services encompass strategy and organisation consulting as well as the implementation of highly complex technological solutions

Phakwe Telecoms operates in high end the telecommunications sector with the focus on providing consulting and project management services which are derived from the use of technology and specialist knowledge.

Our services encompass strategy and organisation consulting as well as the project management of highly complex, technological Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions

Phakwe Aviation operates in most African countries providing air survey and reconnaissance services which enable African governments to plan their human settlement and infrastructure-built projects.

Phakwe Aviation services includes:

  • Vertical aerial photography
  • Oblique aerial photography
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Aerial survey
  • Digital terrain modelling
  • Contour mapping
  • Climate change monitoring
  • Infrastructural survey (water, road and power)
  • Human settlements and housing delivery

Our services encompass report writing, strategy and organisation consulting as well as the recommendations for complex solutions.

Phakwe Petroleum is a commercial and marketing entity for strategic clients in the African continent.

Our service supports our clients to meet future petroleum capacity and reserve’s needs.

Phakwe petroleum services include coordinating, buying, storing, and distributing petroleum products for our clients.

Phakwe Petroleum owns strategic storage assets and distributive channels which enables us to deliver highest services to our clients.

Phakwe Engineering focuses on foundry and engineering design. Additionally, we provide foundry consulting, operational assistance, foundry general contracting, foundry equipment automation and Project management. Phakwe engineering has experienced foundry design engineers and we are familiar with every aspect of the engineering process.

Our expertise ranges from foundry audit activities to the engineering and construction of all type of designs.

Phakwe Properties form part of a powerful business strategy which is highly valued by group and our strategic clients. Phakwe Properties focuses in acquisition of properties assets both retail and commercial in support of the group and our clients. A Phakwe property builds and services the nest for the group and clients

Our services include acquisition of property assets, Management of property in support of the group and strategic clients.

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